THE Turf Tamerz VISION

Turf Tamerz is locally owned and operated with a mission to provide the best possible lawn and landscape services at a value to our clients, big and small, while beautifying there environment. We service both residential and commercial clients' needs including lawn, landscape, and tree care. We also provide snow plowing in the winter for year-round customer service. We are always working to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction!
At Bike Path, we first asses the "potential" of your old bike. Then we draw out options with you. They include features such as breaks, gears, wheels, tires, steering options, seat, etc..These are all customized to your needs and personal style.

Our opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sat-Sun Closed


Meet Mike: "There is nothing more satisfying than turning a tossed away bike into a beauty"
Meet Hans: "Sometimes a useless bike part for one person becomes a vintage find for another..."